Grand Rapids MI Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Injuries sustained from motorcycle accidents and moped accidents often are serious.  Many times a driver of a vehicle simply fails to notice a motorcycle on the road. The driver of that vehicle has a responsibility to be on the lookout for other vehicles on the road including motorcycles and mopeds.

If you have sustained an injury resulting from a moped accident or motorcycle accident, you will need a motorcycle accident attorney in Grand Rapids MI who understands the nuances of motorcycle accidents and can advise you on your rights and how the legal process works. Don’t put your potential case into the hands of and attorney who practices many types of law.  R. Kevin Thieme is a motorcycle accident lawyer in Grand Rapids and has successfully handled many motorcycle accident cases. Visit our “Hiring the Right Attorney” page to understand the process of seeking help.

For 27 years, R. Kevin Thieme has helped those injured in motorcycle accidents and the families of those killed.  He successfully represented motorcycle riders injured due to many types of negligence caused by the drive of another vehicle.  Types of negligence include: making left hand turns without signaling, failing to stop before turning right at a signal or stop sign, pulling out into the street without looking, and changing lanes without signaling.  It is the responsibility of the vehicle driver to look out for motorcycles while driving.

Motorcycle injuries are serious.  Motorcycle riders do not have the luxury of air bags, protective steel structures surrounding them, or other safety features found in automobiles.  Motorcycle injuries sustained from such accidents are usually catastrophic or fatal.  Some clients have experienced severe leg fractures, road rash, spinal cord injuries resulting in paralysis, amputations, and closed head and brain injuries.  R. Kevin Thieme represented families who suffered the accidental death of a loved involved in a bike accident in Grand Rapids.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney in Grand Rapids MI to learn if you have a case.  R. Kevin Thieme has been helping injured victims and families for many years.  He will fight aggressively to obtain the maximum benefit possible and is willing to aggressively take on any insurance company in the process.