Auto Accident Attorney Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids Attorney Wins Large Jury Award

Grand Rapids attorney R. Kevin Thieme recently secured a $2.25 million verdict for a client injured in a motorcycle accident last year, said to be the largest jury award ever in Newaygo County.   Read More →

The Damage a Spinal Cord Injury Leaves Behind

Most spinal cord injuries result from a sudden or traumatic event that fractures or dislocates the vertebrae. The damage is caused by bone fragments, disc material or ligament bruises that tear the spinal cord and produce the injury. The spinal cord can be compared to a computerized central server in charge of sending signals up & down from the brain to the rest of the body. Depending on where the injury is located, a damaging spinal cord can cause chronic back pain, paraplegia and even tetraplegia.   Read More →

Did a Defective Car Cause The Auto Accident?

While it’s true that auto accidents are usually caused by driver error, there are accidents that are caused be a defective vehicle or vehicle parts. It’s one thing if the driver hits the gas accidentally instead of the brake; quite another if the brakes don’t work or if the gas pedal sticks.   Read More →

Avoiding Bicycle Accidents

It’s a fact of life: cars must share the road with bicycles and they in turn must share the road with cars. Both have a responsibility to keep each other safe. The driver of a car should not pass a cyclist as though they do not exist — while cyclists on heavily traveled roads should be mindful of cars. Each must watch out for the other.   Read More →