Auto Accident Attorney Grand Rapids

Car accidents happen everyday injuring, and even killing, thousands of people. When the negligence of others is the cause of these auto accidents in Grand Rapids MI, there is a remedy.  Victims injured in an automobile accident in Grand Rapids and the families of those killed in an automobile accident have the right to file a claims or lawsuits against the responsible party. 

You can recover lost income, medical expenses, and compensation for pain and suffering.  Do not put your case into the hands of a general practiced attorney that handles many types of law.  Get an attorney that handles only automobile injury cases.  You want to trust an auto accident attorney in Grand Rapids MI who specializes in only vehicle related injury cases and will work aggressively to recover the maximum benefits.

R. Kevin Thieme has successfully represented hundreds of automobile accident clients over his 27 year career.  In most cases, the negligent operation of a vehicle by another driver is the cause of the car accident.  Forms of negligence include speeding, using cell phones, drunk driving, hazards on roadway, or not paying attention.  Mr. Thieme is a leader in the field of injury law because of the skills he developed in handling car accidents in Grand Rapids MI, as well as his thorough understanding of Michigan’s no fault automobile insurance laws.  He is effective and efficient in obtaining the maximum benefit the victim deserves, including long term rehabilitation and personal care.

To understand your rights and how the legal process works, speak with an attorney who specializes in this type of law and understands the complexities of car accident claims. Call R. Kevin Thieme for a free consultation today.