Auto Accident Attorney Grand Rapids

Below are just a few of the hundreds of cases Accident Attorney R. Kevin Thieme has handled along with the compensation amount.  Past results are not a guarantee of future recoveries.


1. BB v Kent Moving and Storage, Back Injury.

The case of the phantom dog.  BB, a 34 year old male, was rear-ended on a country road after allegedly slowing for dog which was never mentioned on the police report.  No medical treatment was required or requested at the accident scene.  Six days after the accident, plaintiff presented to his family doctor with a sore back.  For the next two years plaintiff visited various physicians for physical therapy and nerve root blocks.  He underwent a lumbar fusion and was ultimately diagnosed with “failed back type syndrome.”  The defense focused on a spotty employment history with minimal wage loss.  Settled $1.2 million.

2. Newlyweds v Corporate Sales Person, Facial Injuries, Ruptured Spleen, Cracked Pelvis.

Valuing a new marriage.   Newlyweds were stopped for construction on the highway when rear-ended by a corporate sales person at 70 MPH.  Newlywed wife suffered facial degloving, ruptured spleen and cracked pelvis.  She was not wearing a seatbelt.  The husband was physically uninjured.  Payout of $6,537,666.00.

3. Townsend v McCormick Enterprises, Moderate Brain Injury Valuing an older client’s claim.

Valuing an older client's claim.  Husband and wife, ages 70 and 72, were driving on US 131 when they needed to change drivers.  It was raining, so the husband pulled onto the highway shoulder underneath an overpass.  Neither the husband nor the wife remembered anything after pulling onto the shoulder.  Defendant was returning to his company after working long shifts.  He had no pre-impact memory.  The husband and wife claimed defendant fell asleep and veered onto the shoulder hitting their vehicle.   Defendant claimed plaintiffs, parked illegally on the highway shoulder, pulled out onto the highway based on independent eye witnesses following behind the defendant.  State troopers found gouge marks on the shoulder compatible with the accident occurring on the shoulder.  Wife sustained a moderate traumatic brain injury, husband was uninjured except for the losses he sustained because of his wife’s injuries.  Prior to trial, defendant offered $350,000.00 which plaintiffs rejected.   Verdict $1.1 million for wife and $750,000.00 for husband reduced by 25% for comparative negligence of the husband.  Case settled for $1.75 million.

4. Jackson v Nelson, Soft Tissue Injuries To Neck.

The defendant who points a finger.   Defendant Nelson rear-ended defendant Hardy who hit plaintiff Jackson’s rear bumper causing $200.00 in damage.  Nelson told the police he did not see Hardy.  After hiring an attorney, Nelson’s story changed.  Instead of admitting responsibility, Nelson claimed Hardy suddenly cut in front of him eliminating his stopping space which is why he rear ended Hardy and pushed her into the plaintiff’s vehicle.  Due to Nelson’s testimony, Hardy was added to the lawsuit because Nelson blamed Hardy for the accident.  Plaintiff had soft tissue neck injuries, received chiropractic adjustments and missed one day of work.  Plaintiff asked the jury to ignore the manufactured story of Nelson and return a verdict only against him, not Hardy.  Hardy’s insurance company offered $250.00.   Verdict $81,745.00.


1. Dozeman v Allied Waste Management, Pelvic Fractures

The case of the inattentive Allied Waste Driver.  A garbage truck rolled through a stop sign and into the path of a 43 year old man.  Plaintiff suffered a comminuted intra-articular right pelvic fracture, nose fracture, right orbital wall fracture and teeth fractures.  An open reduction and internal fixation was required.  Settled $1.249 million.

2. Child v Garbage Truck, Death

Another inattentive garbage truck driver.  Garbage truck driver fails to see a van stopped in the road and rear-ends the van resulting in the death of a child.   Payout of $1.4 million.


1. Klas v. State Farm, Mild Head Injury

An inattentive octogenarian.  Klas, age 45, was operating a motorcycle on a two lane asphalt country road.  Traveling in the same direction, ahead of Klas , was a car of octogenarians, including the 85 year old defendant driver who was traveling 15 MPH on the 55 MPH road.  Klas began to pass (defendant claimed the accident happened in a no passing zone) as the elderly defendant made a left turn.  State Farm offered $0.   Verdict $450,000.00.

2. Newman v Koch, Eye Injury.

The case of the back seat driver.  A jury awarded $45,000.00 against a back seat passenger who blurted out instructions to the front seat driver, causing the driver to suddenly swerve into an adjoining lane and cutting off a motorcyclist.  The motorcyclist suffered an eye injury. Prior to trial, the back seat driver’s insurance company and its attorney laughed at the case offering $500.00 to settle and indicating no one would ever find responsibility on a “back seat driver.”

After listening to Thieme’s arguments, the jury felt differently.   Verdict $45,000.00.


1. Freeland, et al v Ferrellgas, et al, Death and Significant Burns

A company that ignored gas leak calls.  A retired couples’ cottage exploded because of a propane gas leak resulting in the death of the husband and critical burns to the surviving spouse.  The lawsuit alleged Ferrellgas’ failure to adequately respond to numerous calls by the retired couple regarding gas leaks.  Ferrell Gas offered $0.  The case was presented to a state ordered evaluation panel resulting in an $8.3 million award.


1. Grubaugh v DIMOCO, Traumatic Amputation of Finger Tip

The case of the upside down expert.  Plaintiff reached into an assembly machine catching her finger tip in the back pinch point resulting in the amputation of the nail bed.  Plaintiff alleged defective design including improper guarding.  The machine’s manufacturer utilized an expert that claimed parts were removed from the machine leaving the previously guarded pinch point unguarded based upon the original design drawings.  The highly paid, highly credentialed expert had the design drawings upside down which proved the pinch points were never guarded.  Plaintiff experienced post-traumatic stress disorder.  Defendant offered $250,000.00 prior to trial.   Verdict $750,000.00.

These are just a few examples of hundreds of recoveries R. Kevin Thieme has achieved for his clients over the past 27 years. Past results are never a guarantee of future recoveries.