Auto Accident Attorney Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids attorney R. Kevin Thieme recently secured a $2.25 million verdict for a client injured in a motorcycle accident last year, said to be the largest jury award ever in Newaygo County.

In addition to using several unique trial techniques to win the case, Thieme presented several eyewitnesses who were able to dispute claims made by the defendant that helped show the jury the truth.

Grand Rapids attorney Thieme was also able to show how the defendant changed her story midway through the process due to his diligence early on during the research phase of the case.

“One of the things I’ve always done, in the beginning of the case, before the defense has much of an idea what is really going on, is to send everything out with the complaint,” explains Thieme.

“What I often discover is that what comes back to me contains some interesting admissions and answers that can be used to strengthen our argument as the case matures.”

The jury returned the record-setting verdict after deliberating for less than two hours, ruling unanimously that the defendant was overwhelmingly at fault for causing the plaintiff’s injuries.

Thieme’s creative and thorough approach helped to simplify the case for jury members and ultimately helped him to solidify the historic jury award — providing his client with the compensation he deserved.

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