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Hiring the Right Attorney: Four Questions You Must Ask

How do you select the right attorney?  With so many attorneys claiming to be experts, how can you find a highly respected, aggressive, knowledgeable attorney that will obtain the highest compensation for your injury claim? To select a top injury attorney, here is the list of crucial questions you must ask.

1. Do You Want an Injury Specialist or a General Practice Attorney?

General practice attorneys take any case that comes to them.  They claim expertise in divorce, criminal matters, workers compensation along with injury cases.  These attorneys do not practice 100% injury law.
You must decide whether you want a general practice attorney or an attorney whose focus is only injury cases.  If you want an expert that specializes in injury law, you must refine your search.

For 27 years, the Thieme Law Firm has only handled injury cases.

2. Once I Hire an Attorney, Who Will Handle My Case?

In many law firms, once you sign up with an attorney, your case ends up in the hands of someone else.  Sometimes it’s an associate or junior lawyer who is gaining experience.   Before hiring an attorney, find out if the attorney you hire will handle all aspects of your case including trial.  If I take your case,

R. Kevin Thieme will personally handle your case from start to finish.

3. How Do I Find a Top Ranked, Trustworthy Lawyer that Specializes in Injury Claims?

Attorneys are ranked by their peers and various organizations.  Before selecting an attorney, carefully view the credentials and promotional information to see if the attorney discloses ranking information.  If you want a top-notch injury specialist, make sure the attorney you select is ranked high in the practice area you need.

Michigan lawyers ranked R. Kevin Thieme in the top 5% of all injury attorneys in Michigan.

4. Is the Lawyer a Trial Attorney?

There are many attorneys that advertise for injury claims but do not try cases.  You need a trial attorney if your case does not settle.  Before hiring any attorney, ask if the attorney has tried cases and received verdicts, not just settlements.

R. Kevin Thieme has achieved million dollar verdicts and million dollar settlements.

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